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COVID-19: Hands, Face, Space.
The latest information and updates surrounding the outbreak of Coronavirus Disease 2019, and our pharmacy response.
Sep 2020
COVID-19: Hands, Face, Space.

For all the latest developments surrounding Coronavirus, and for the latest advice and support, please visit: gov.uk/coronavirus.

Wash your hands. Cover your face. Make space.

With COVID-19 cases unfortunately on the rise, it's important to remember the three simple steps outlined above:

Wash your hands:

For at least 20 seconds, with soap and water, frequently. Do this whenever you arrive at home, at work, or in shops with the use of sanitisation stations.

Cover your face:

Face coverings are mandatory in a number of indoor settings, including our pharmacies. This helps reduce risk and spread of Coronavirus between yourself and others. The full list of settings and exemptions can be found on the gov.uk website.

Make space:

Stay apart from those who are not part of your household — two metres wherever possible, or one metre with added precautions. This helps reduce spread and transmission of the disease. To assist with this, at our pharmacies, you may be asked to wait outside upon arrival if we reach capacity within our building itself.

Covid-19 and Flu Vaccinations

Influenza Vaccinations may be more important this year than ever before  and Community Pharmacy is at the forefront of this.

We are still working on and finalising our plans for the implementation of our Community Pharmacy Flu Vaccination service for this Autumn and Winter. This will be available through our pharmacies for free to all those eligible for an NHS Flu Vaccination (including possibly later in the season those aged 50-64), and also at a cost for those wishing to receive a private flu vaccination.

The eligibility criteria for a Free NHS Flu Vaccination are currently as follows:

  • you are 65 years old or over;
  • you are pregnant;
  • you have certain medical conditions (visit nhs.uk for more);
  • you are living in a long-stay residential care home or another long-stay care facility;
  • you receive a carer's allowance, or you're the main carer for an elderly or disabled person whose welfare may be at risk if you fall ill;
  • you live with someone who's at high risk of coronavirus (on the NHS shielded patient list) or you expect to be with them on most days over winter.

We'll be in contact and publish guidance and booking forms as soon as our plans are finalised  your patience is greatly appreciated. If you ever have any queries about our Flu Vaccination service in the meantime, don't hesitate to contact us at contact@wellwaycentral.co.uk.

Shielding Delivery Service

Our pharmacies have gradually phased out the coronavirus delivery service to those who were shielding, as this has been paused from the 1st August, and subsequently funding for this from the government has been withdrawn.

If patients still do not feel comfortable with collecting prescriptions themselves, then they can ask a friend or family member to collect their prescription for them  the representative must be prepared to provide information surrounding the patient's address and exemption details for prescription charges if applicable.

Some Coronavirus Responder Prescription Deliveries are continuing to operate, so wherever possible we can refer patients to these services if they cannot attend pharmacies themselves and do not have friends or family members available to do so  simply get in touch with us and we can assist further with this.

In the event of a local lockdown or shielding advice returning, then patients affected may be contacted as our pharmacies may then be able to resume the pandemic delivery service. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any concerns or queries.

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