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Recycle your Empty Medicines Packets
Our pharmacies at Morpeth and Pegswood have teamed up to tackle waste - namely medicines blister packets. We've now launched a scheme where anyone can come and drop off their empty medicines blister packets at our Morpeth or Pegswood sites, and we'll send them off to be recycled.

Recycle your medicines blister packets at our pharmacies, and in doing so raise money for charity.

Questions about our recycling schemes? Contact us.

This service is available at the following pharmacies:

Please come and drop off your empty blister packets at the pharmacy counter, and help us support the environment and local causes! Click on the links above for directions to our supporting pharmacy sites.

Thinking Sustainably

Every year empty medicine blister packets end up in landfills across the United Kingdom. We are working with TerraCycle® to put an end to this enormous loss of resources. The Medicine Packet Recycling Programme allows us to recycle our empty medicine blister packets. Not only are we helping the environment, but the waste we recycle also helps us raise money for charitable causes.

Please come and visit us at the pharmacy counter at Pegswood or Morpeth, and leave your empty blister packets with us. We'll send them off to be recycled, and you will be helping to raise money for local charitable causes.

Terracycle® will then recycle these medicines blister packets into new products. Watch the video below to find out more about how they do this.

It's as easy as one, two, three!

We're helping to make living sustainably not only possible, but easy too. A big grey area for recycling and sustainability in general has always been medicines  but we're working to change that.

Working with Terracycle® UK allows us to recycle medicines blister packets for free  and also allows us to raise some money for charity in the process! Please follow these easy steps to start recycling your blister packets:

  • Start collecting  whenever you're taking medicines, remember to keep ahold of the blister packets and start collecting them.
  • Bring your empty blister packets to us at the pharmacy counter — once you've collected a few, bring them along to our pharmacies in Morpeth or Pegswood, and drop them off at the pharmacy counter. We'll then collect these in a special container to be recycled.
  • We'll send them off — these will be processed by our partner Terracycle® UK, who will recycle the blister packets into new products. We'll receive a donation to our charity of choice (Currently Contact Mental Health Morpeth), which is proportional to the amount of blister packets we send to be recycled  so the more, the merrier!
Raising important funds for local charity

When we recycle our blister packs, we earn Terracycle ® points. Once we've collected enough points, these can then be converted into charitable donations to a charity of our pharmacy's choice. We are hoping to support The Morpeth Mayor's Charity with the funds we collectively as a community manage to raise.

Contact Mental Health Group

The Mayor's charity this year is Contact Mental Health Contact has been serving the community since 1968 in one form or another. Birthed to provided much needed services to those who have been affected by mental ill-health or their carers. They provide Free Counselling and therapeutic activities, designed to help stimulate emotions, skills, motivation or to simply allow the individual to come to a relaxing session. They also host a coffee den, where members can meet up for a chat, and Contact Cafe for a healthy low cost lunch. This provides a lifeline to many suffering with mental health problems, and their carers, in South Northumberland.

Join us

If you're popping down to our pharmacies to recycle your blister packs, why not join us so you can collect your prescriptions at the same time?

We are local, independently-owned community pharmacies, and we have been serving Morpeth, Pegswood and the surrounding areas for decades. We have a passion for helping others with all of their healthcare needs, with award-winning staff and amazing facilities such as our 24-hour prescription collection point to help us with this. You can join us from any GP surgery anywhere in England, or indeed the UK.

Joining us is easy, and takes a matter of minutes  you can simply complete our online form for the pharmacy you'd like to join. Find out more about our pharmacies and join us via the link below.

Find out more and join us 

With thanks to Terracycle® UK  for operating this recycling scheme.

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