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Joining our pharmacy teams could kickstart a rewarding career caring for others with us. Find out more about our values, ethos and opportunities below.
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A rewarding career caring for other starts here, with us. Unfortunately we don't currently have any vacancies for roles within our pharmacy teams. Continue reading to find out what a role in pharmacy can offer, and keep monitoring our website and social media for job updates and more.

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A community's spirit

Working across our sites of local, independent pharmacies, you're putting yourself at the forefront of community healthcare in our region. This connection and bond with our communities is very important to us, and the mutual trust and respect demonstrated between patients and staff allows us to further our efforts to maintain and enhance wellbeing for our customers and beyond.

Rewarding, welcoming, challenging.

All of our staff are compassionate and caring, and often go above and beyond for our patients and the community. Our priorities of patient-centred care make roles with our pharmacies at times challenging, yet immensely rewarding, with opportunities to work alongside many other experienced healthcare professionals including Pharmacists, Nurses and General Practitioners.

Our teams are friendly and experienced, and all of our day-to-day operations are dictated by Operating Procedures that we clearly set out so our staff understand clearly their roles and duties, and how to safely and effectively fulfill them.

Knowledge to last a lifetime

Many roles within our pharmacies require training to ensure competency and effectiveness in the role. We provide many training and career progression opportunities for our staff  whether this be dispensing or medicines counter courses to develop skills advising on minor ailments or within the dispensary,  to further postgraduate education for our Pharmacists and pre-registration trainees.

Further training opportunities include Dementia Friends Training, Healthy Living campaigns training, and much more. Members of our pharmacy teams may also complete courses to become qualified Medicines Counter Assistants, Dispensing Assistants, or progress further with Pharmacy Technician training, Stop Smoking Service training, and Accuracy Checking Training. Pharmacists may also be able to benefit from further training schemes.

The knowledge and experience you can gain from working in an often fast-paced community pharmacy environment can be invaluable, and can open the door to a lifetime of helping to care for others within pharmacy, the wider NHS, or beyond.

Our Staff Roles

There are a number of roles we currently hold within our pharmacy teams  this can include general pharmacy roles in addition to further management roles for qualified pharmacists. All of our staff in our pharmacies will receive basic confidentiality training alongside other mandatory training as governed by the GPhC and our Standard Operating Procedures at the time.


Pharmacist Manager
Oversees and manages day-to-day operations of the pharmacy, in addition to providing care and services as a Pharmacist to patients.

Responsible Pharmacists at our pharmacy sites check prescriptions and dosette boxes, undertake consultations and medicines reviews with patients, oversee the dispensing and management of Controlled Drugs in the pharmacy, provide services such as Flu Vaccinations, and hold overall responsiblity for the operations of the pharmacy during their working hours. Some Pharmacists may be qualified to prescribe medicines to patients as a Supplementary Prescriber.

Pre-Registration Pharmacists
Pre-registration Pharmacists are trainee Pharmacists who are completing a pre-reg year in a pharmacy to gain further competency before becoming fully qualified as a Pharmacist. Roles as a pre-reg pharmacist can include dispensing prescriptions, providing medical advice on ailments and medicines, managing stocks of medicine, and aiding other members of the pharmacy team. Pre-Registration Pharmacists may also work with our neighbouring GP Surgeries to further enhance their skills and experience.

NVQ Level 3:

Pharmacy Technician
Pharmacy Technicians are qualified with an NVQ Level 3 in Pharmacy Services, and are trained to perform many daily tasks within the pharmacy such as the making-up of dosette trays, dispensing prescriptions, and providing advice on ailments. Further training can also allow our Pharmacy Technicians to provide Stop Smoking Services, and also check the accuracy of prescriptions.
We often run apprenticeship schemes to become a qualified Pharmacy Technician  our latest opportunities for this will be documented here.

NVQ Level 2 or equivalent:

Dispensing Assistant
Dispensing Assistants can perform tasks within the dispensary such as managing stocks of medicines and dispensing and labelling prescriptions and dosette boxes. Many dispensing assistants will also hold a 'Medicines Counter Assistant' qualification, allowing them to provide advice on a range of ailments and also issue prescriptions to patients.

Medicines Counter Assistant
Medicines Counter Assistants work providing advice on minor ailments and issuing over-the-counter medicines to aid this, alongside giving advice on healthy lifestyles and on travel abroad or in this country. Medicines Counter Assistants can also hand out prepared prescriptions to patients.

Other roles:

Delivery Driver
All of our sites employ friendly delivery drivers to help provide the best support and access to medicines to our community. These drivers often go above and beyond to assist the communities which we're a part of.

Administrative Staff
From our Human Resources Supervisors, to our Accounts team, and even our IT, Marketing and Social Media management, we have a range of supporting roles that help our pharmacies provide a high quality of care to patients and the surrounding community.

Pre-Registration Pharmacists

We welcome Pre-Registration Pharmacists to our teams every year to enhance their experience and skills before fully qualifying as a Pharmacist. Their expert knowledge stemming from recent degrees in Pharmacy not only helps our patients, but also aids us in helping to provide the best care possible directly to the community.

If you're soon to be a Pre-Registration Pharmacist and would like to find out what we can offer you, please visit the link below to find out more about what we can offer you.

Pre-Registration Pharmacist Opportunities →

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